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Content creation

We create professional personalized videos regarding any crypto related topic. If you would like to collaborate with or sponsor our Crypto Insights YouTube, please contact us for a tailor-made service.



Would you like to know more about crypto or do you have any problems with an exchange or explorer? We will represent the customer service for the crypto space.


Crypto analyses

Are you an investment fund or a private investor that would like to know a deep analyses on a crypto project? We will be your partner and do a deep analysis on your behalf.


Mirror trading

Would you like to invest in crypto without spending too much time doing research? Then mirroring our trades is the best option to you. In “Mirror trading” we give you the opportunity to copy our trades by a chat group. Once per month we will have a 1-on-1 to check up with your progress. We also noticed that most online trading groups lack emotional and psychological support. Investing asks a lot from your emotions. When you join this trading group, we will train you to not follow the heard, but instead being part of the 10% profitable investors.

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