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Your trusted Crypto & Taxes
partner in Portugal

Our Services

Our comprehensive solutions ensure a smooth journey by tackling everything from VISA applications and tax consultations for personal individuals. Say goodbye to unnecessary bureaucracy, start optimizing your Crypto Taxes and make your move to Portugal a seamless experience. We do not provide legal or financial advice. We only focus on providing tax optimization for personal individuals, which include freelancers.

Taxation in Portugal

• Residence: Become a resident in Portugal
• IRS calculation of the Taxes expected to pay
• Tax Filing: Direct IRS Submission
• NHR: Obtain Non-Habitual Resident Status
• Setting up an activity (Freelance) + 1 invoice
• E-balcao, communication with Finanças
• D7 VISA Applications and Digital Nomad VISA

We can assist on setting up accounts, education, analyzing exchanges and crypto projects, market research, consulting and more.


Our biggest 

Market research for one of the biggest exchanges of Spain

Bit2Me is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in Spain and we helped them with market research before they launched their marketing campaign in Portugal.

Writing a Coinbureau article

Coinbureau is one of the biggest Crypto content providers on Youtube with close to 2,5 million subscribers. We wrote an article about Portugal as crypto tax heaven.

Perfect rating on Trustpilot

We proudly have a perfect rating on Trustpilot and we would like to thank everyone that left us a review!

Working with the
best Partners

Working with the
best Partners

Working with 
happy Clients

Ben Carmona

I first came across Thomas for a tax related query that no one else could seem to answer. He was incredibly responsive and informative. I have since then worked with Thomas for all my accountancy dealings in Portugal, and also introduced him to friends and family to help with theirs. I would recommend his services to anyone who has trouble navigating the complexities of the Portuguese finance system, both for personal and corporate affairs.


Thomas is extremely knowledgable in his field of Crypto Taxes in Portugal. He knows the law and even though it is very dynamic, he is always on the latest state of the regulation. Crypto & Taxes Portugal is very reliable and I had a great experience!


Thomas is a very knowledgeable guy about most things related to Portugal, not just crypto taxes but also normal taxes and social security.I feel like I got everything i wanted and more out of our conversation.


Thomas really understand the crypto space. He can provide knowledgeable advice, tailored to your needs. Happy with the result


Thomas is a very knowledgeable accountant and helped me tremendously over the last 8 months. He is very professional, has great communication skills, and is very responsive! If you’re looking for an accountant with excellent knowledge of Portuguese taxes, and a very good understanding of blockchain/cryptocurrencies, then Thomas is the right person for you!


I am happy I found Thomas, as all my questions and doubts regarding NIF, NHR, IRS, etc.. were solved operatively, clearly and in detail. I also felt very grateful for all the extra advises he gave me. :)
Clearly a good investment!


Thomas was really helpful with setting things up while I was moving to Portugal. I greatly appreciate it and can only recommend him!

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Working with
happy Clients

Working with the
best Partner

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