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"Your trusted crypto & taxes partner in Portugal"

Experience a new adventure with our assistance, while migrating and obtaining residence permits up to 10 times cheaper, without any stress, traditional agencies, or expensive assistance.


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Why Crypto & Taxes Portugal


Discover answers to questions you may not have even considered, alongside solutions to your most pressing inquiries.

Language Skills

We can assist you in English, Dutch & Portuguese.


Our customer support team is here for you Monday to Friday, ready to answer your questions promptly and ensure no email goes unanswered.

"Can do" attitude

The “can do” attitude and planning in a timely matter is among our strengths.

Our Services

With our comprehensive suite of automated services, moving to Portugal has never been easier. Our services are guaranteed to simplify the process and eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy, covering all aspects of the transition, including visa applications, legal consultation, language support, and housing assistance.

Taxation in Portugal

  • Residence plan: How to become a resident in Portugal

  • IRS calculation of the taxes expected to pay

  • IRS submission to Finanças

  • Requesting the NHR status

  • Setting up an activity (Freelance) incl. 1 invoice

  • E-balcao, communication with Finanças

  • D7 VISA applications and Digital Nomad VISA applications

VISA applications

  • Consultation to find the best VISA for you

  • Opening a bank account on your behalf

  • Booking an appointment at consulate/VFS Global

  • Drafting the letter of intent

  • Analysing and collecting of all necessary documentation


We can assist on setting up accounts, education, analyzing exchanges and crypto projects, market research, consulting and more.

NIF / Tax number

5-12 days

€ 99


5-12 days

€ 99


Smart Services from Crypto & Taxes Portugal allow customers to quickly and easily order professional Services with one click. Our Smart Services are designed to provide customers with a fast, secure, and convenient way to purchase and manage our Services.

About us

About us

Since 2017 we have been active in crypto and Portuguese taxes. Over these years we have also accumulated an expertise in NFT´s and the Metaverse. We assist both individuals and entrepreneurs who are seeking for financial and taxation help.

Our biggest accomplishments so far are:

  • Market research for one of the biggest exchanges in Southern Europe.

  • Creating video content for one of the biggest crypto education platforms in the UK.

  • Holding a 5-star perfect rating on Fiverr 

  • We currently represent 20 satisfied long term individual clients in Portugal.

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Working With
the Best Partners

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Working With Happy Clients

Decline to hire unprofessional assistants who demand exorbitant fees for information that can be easily obtained

Looking for expert help with crypto and taxes in Portugal? Look no further! Crypto & Taxes Portugal specializes in providing comprehensive crypto tax services for individuals and businesses in Portugal. With our team of tax professionals, we can help you navigate the complex world of cryptocurrency taxation and ensure 

compliance with Portuguese tax laws. From preparing and filing IRS tax returns to providing crypto tax planning advice, from the request of a Portugal fiscal NIF Number to a Visa application, we have the skills and knowledge to handle all your crypto & tax needs. Contact us today to schedule a consult!

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