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Why us?

The “can do” attitude and planning in a timely matter is among our strengths. We are still relatively small and can therefor offer you the attention that you need. Over 5 years of experience in Crypto and Portuguese taxes and worked for several known clients. We are rated as top seller on Fiverr. This is the freelance platform where it all started for us. We can assist you in English, Dutch & Portuguese.

Who are we?

Since 2017 we have been active in crypto and Portuguese taxes. Over these years we have also accumulated an expertise in NFT´s and the Metaverse. We assist both individuals and entrepreneurs who are seeking for financial and taxation help.

Our biggest accomplishments so far are:

  • Market research for one of the biggest exchanges in Southern Europe.

  • Creating video content for one of the biggest crypto education platforms in the UK.

  • Holding a 5-star perfect rating on Fiverr 

  • We currently represent 20 satisfied long term individual clients in Portugal.


Our Vision

Crypto should be accessible and understandable for everyone. We want to make the financial blind, sighted and the financial illiterate, literate!


For many individuals and businesses, the solution to their problem, is just around the corner. We are here to help you around that corner.


We believe that everyone should pay his “fair” share of taxes. Many individuals mis tax breaks due to the lack of awareness. Others are overpaying due to complex business structures or trying to figure it out by themselves. We have been through the whole processes of becoming a resident in Portugal. We made mistakes, that we want you to avoid making. Therefor we understand the necessity of being well informed before you make the move to Portugal.


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