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We will obtain a NIF / Tax Number for you.

NIF / Tax number

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Frequently AskedQuestions

  • What is the NIF number?
    NIF stands for Numero de Identificação Fiscal, which is translated into Fiscal number. Foreigners can require the NIF, but need a Fiscal representative as long as they are not officially residing resident in Portugal. This representation stays active until the person belonging to the NIF becomes resident.
  • When do I need a fiscal representative?
    You need it for as long as you are not a resident in Portugal. You can assign any company or person who is resident in Portugal. This person will than receive any mail from the Financial authorities to their address.
  • How long do I need a fiscal representative?
    You will need a fiscal representative until you become officially a resident in Portugal.
  • Can I apply for a NIF under 18?
    Yes you can, you will just need an approval from your parents.
  • What documents are required in order to get the NIF?
    We need a copy of your passport and a letter confirming your current address. If you apply from a non-EU country, we will also need a copy of the stamp in your passport that confirms that you have entered the Portuguese territory.
  • How can I get the password for the NIF?
    Once you have the NIF, you can apply for the password online. The password will be sent to your fiscal representative or to you personally if you are already a resident.
  • Can I use my NIF number immediately after receiving it?
    Yes, you can start using your NIF number immediately after receiving it.
  • Is my NIF permanent?
    The assigned number is unique and definitive. There is no official hard card with your NIF number.
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